Friday, July 13, 2012

Tool # 8 - Look at the Tools

The following are the things I learned from the tutorials that I will install into my classroom this fall:

1)  I learned how to set up an iTunes account using the spring branch email account
2)  I learned the different components to the netbooks
3)  I learned how to sync my iPad to my work laptop so that all the info can be easily transferred

The netbooks or iPads or iPod Touches that are in the classroom will start at the beginning of the class in their docking station and end in their docking station too.  Each student will be assigned a specific device for the entire year and will be responsible if anything were to happen during the class period.  Also, they are responsible for reporting any negative marks inside or on the outside of the devices.  When the students walk in, they will grab their device and get started on a warm up where they use the device.  I'll start with using them as part of the warm up and during certain activities to see how it works, and then maybe tie it into more of the lessonIncorporating technology is the wave of the future and this is the first step.  Soon, the entire lesson will become paperless.  Lessons will be sent via blog, email, etc.

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