Friday, July 13, 2012

Tool # 7 - Class to Class Project

Content Object: 
TSW design and solve word problems containing the Pythagorean Theorem by grouping with partners, discussing different solutions, and projecting the project in a video tutorial to post on Math Forum: Class2Class at the cite 

This project would begin the first week of school and get the students used to solving word problems and dissecting it to pull out the necessary information while discarding the unnecessary.  Once the students are comfortable solving word problems, the next step would be to design one themselves using a simple concept like deductive reasoning.  After they've dissected a word problem and designed one themselves, then it's time to put all that together into one video tutorial to post on

Internet: website: 
Online help: Google Doc, Blog, Skype, YouTube, Wallwisher for research...all of these tools can and will have great purpose with the project. 

The plan is to give them confidence in solving word problems by knowing all the tricks and not being discouraged when the students see one on a test.  Self-confidence is key in math and if a student knows how to solve a word problem, then that's another right answer on the test because let's face it, our entire lives are word problems.  Every fire we put out at work, every problem at home, is a word problem that we have to take apart, keep the good, throw away the bad, and make the right decision.

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