Friday, July 13, 2012

Tool # 6 - Discussion

Poll Everywhere:  students in this era are connected at the fingertips to their phones; therefore, let's let them use it in the classroom so they're actively participating in the lesson using what they want.  This tool is amazing in classrooms without the activboard or activexpressions or voting tools.  The students are engaged because not only are they doing something different but they are also learning and actively participating.

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Wallwisher is another great site.  It's extremely easy to set up and build and works just like a blog, a blackboard, or even a facebook account.  All a person, in our case, a student has to do is type in the url and add a comment to the wall.  It's a great place to start discussions outside of the classroom and continue it inside the classroom with evidence of students' contributions to the discussion.  Hopefully students will enjoy using this tool inside and outside of the classroom.  It works in both places.  Blogging is the new writing style now instead of newspaper articles.  People are trying to write online as bloggers instead of journalists due to the increase in the internet's popularity.  This not only engages the students in and out of the classroom but also gives them a glimpse of a possible job in the future.

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