Friday, July 13, 2012

Tool # 5 - Web 2.0

Wordle takes a bunch of random words inputted by the user and randomizes them in a quick and easy fashion where there is no designing or creativeness on the part of the user.  The only negative is there is no control of the design if you have just one creative bone in your body.  Teachers can use this to test the students' knowledge of vocabulary words in a non-traditional manner.

Here is the link to my design:

Make Beliefs Comix is more aligned with the creative personality who can design a 3 box comix-strip.  It's fun, creative, and very easy.  Teachers can use this for students as a project to portray their ideas in a creative manner.  This also is a great way to incorporate technology into a project instead of the typical paper, markers, and glue.

Here is the link to my comic strip:

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