Monday, July 16, 2012

Tool #11 - Self Reflecting

1)  I truly enjoyed Poll Everywhere because it allows students to use their phones in the classroom where it's usually forbidden, gets them actively engaged in the classroom, and enjoying the lesson by seeing their results on the internet.  An activity I would use this with is when we are reviewing for a quiz the day of during Reasoning in Chapter 2 of Geometry.  I'll have a series of questions and statements for them to change or to find counterexamples and such.

2)  My brain and my world has expanded from all the information I never knew was out there that incorporated technology into the classroom setting.  My vision of the teacher teaching and the students learning is going to change this year where I'm truly more of a facilitator and the classroom is more student based learning.  I have already made slight adjustments to the 21st Century learner but I will need to alter a lot more ideas, lessons, and activities to accommodate them.

3)  I was completely surprised by the different types of blogs, blackboards, etc that students and teachers can converse on after the class is over.  Therefore, even though the class is over, sending them to a blog and writing their thoughts could be the exit ticket.  It's opened my eyes to being more green and not wasting as much paper with worksheets and assessments and projects.

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  1. How about posting a video on a blog and having students watch that for homework, take notes and then post questions back to the blog or on Today's Meet for quick discussion as a set for class the next day. Then, practice the problems in class where you can assess when they get stuck... Yes, the tools for education are exploding! Our classrooms need to take advantage!